10 Budgetary Priorities to Discuss with Your Member of Parliament

Members of Parliament, particularly Government MPs, need to hear from Canadians with disabilities. If you have a meeting with your MP in the next few weeks, share with them CCD’s top 10 recommendations for the next Federal Budget.

1. All infrastructure investments must make a commitment to full accessibility and this must be enforced.

2. The Federal Government should implement a procurement policy that insists all purchased goods and services, particularly information technology, are accessible.

3. New initiatives to train Canadians for employment in new industries must include people with disabilities.

4. Reduce the lowest income tax rate.

5. The Disability Tax Credit be made refundable for Canadians with disabilities who do not have a taxable income.

6. A three year extension of the Opportunities Fund and the Multi-Lateral Framework Agreement for the Employment of Persons with Disabilities.

7. Establishment of a Working Group to study and bring forward recommendations for addressing the poverty of Canadians with disabilities.

8. Increase the labor market participation of persons with disabilities in the federal civil service by 1% over the next two years.

9. New Canada Pension Plan Disability initiatives to encourage attachment to the labour market.

10. Increased allowance for the Child Disability Tax Benefit.

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