The Latimer Case: The Reflections of People with Disabilities - Biography of Tracy Latimer, 1980-1993

A Life Cut Short

by Elizabeth Semkiw

Tracy Latimer was born on 23 November 1980. She had Cerebral Palsy and was the eldest of four children. Tracy lived on a farm with her family near Wilkie, Saskatchewan.

Tracy attended a developmental program at the same school as her brothers and sister. She traveled with the rest of the students on the school bus, and had a specialized wheelchair to get around. Some of the things that she enjoyed at school were aquatics, music and pet therapy. She loved special days and events at the school. Tracy spent a lot of time outdoors with her peers.

Tracy loved her family and enjoyed being talked to, hugged and being rocked. She enjoyed many activities including walks, music, sleigh rides and wiener roasts.

Tracy enjoyed watching television, especially hockey games, and she loved watching the bonfires her family had. Despite her many medical problems, Tracy was a happy girl who showed her likes and dislikes and smiled and laughed with others.

Tracy died 23 October 1993 when she was murdered by her father, Robert Latimer.

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