A Call For Action

 January 8, 2010

Prime Minister Harper has prorogued the House of Commons. A new session will begin March 4th and a new session means a Throne Speech and a Budget.

Members of Parliament will be spending more time in their constituency offices in January and February. NOW is the perfect time for us to ensure that they know the priorities of Canadians with disabilities.

Call, write or meet with your Member of Parliament before the end of February.

Tell them about our national priorities.

Initiatives to address disproportionate poverty of Canadians with disabilities by:

  • making the Disability Tax Credit refundable for those without a taxable income,
  • making those eligible for Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits automatically eligible for the Disability Tax Credit,
  • making Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits non-taxable,
  • expanding Employment Insurance Sick benefits to 52 weeks.

Increasing labour force participation by creating specific targets for persons with disabilities within Labour Market Agreements negotiated with the provinces and increase funding for the Opportunities Fund.

Improving accessibility by establishing access standards for all modes of federally regulated transportation and creating a Universal Design Centre that would provide employers, governments, public institutions etc. with the most up-to-date information on accessible design and accommodation.

Improving disability support services to Aboriginal people with disabilities who live on reserve.

Develop a National Implementation Plan to address disability issues following Canada’s ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.

Work collaboratively with provincial/territorial governments to create new investments in disability-related supports such as homecare, pharmacare, sign language interpretation, access to technical aids, access to information etc.

 For information on how to contact your Member of Parliament.