Bill C - 400

Dear Friend:

I'm writing to ask you to take 15 minutes out of your schedule this week to help us get an important Bill passed in Parliament that would help solve homelessness in Canada. It has just been confirmed that Bill C-400 will be debated at 5:30 p.m.. on Wednesday February 13th and the vote will be held on Wednesday February 27th.  

As described in the C-400 backgrounder this Bill would ensure that the Federal Government assumes a leadership role in developing a strategy to address the crisis of homelessness in Canada. The Bill is supported by all three opposition parties, but the Conservatives have not agreed to support it. If just 13 Conservatives vote for the Bill on February 27th, the Bill will be sent to a House of Commons Committee, where it can be further debated. 

I'm asking if you could take 15 minutes to contact your MP and urge their support of Bill C-400.

Thanks for your support!

Tony Dolan
CCD Chairperson