Have Your Say on Community-Based Research

Research is underway to identify barriers to accessible and community-based research guided by people with disabilities and Deaf persons.

The project is being undertaken by the Council of Canadians with Disabilities; IRIS – Institute for Research and Development on Inclusion and Society; Wavefront Centre for Communication Accessibility; Faculty of Law, University of Windsor; a Humans Right lawyer, and the Canadian Multicultural Disability Centre. An advisory committee of community members guides the project. 

The project aims to change how research is conducted so that people with disabilities take power about their stories and experience, rather than just being the subjects of others’ research. A goal is to ensure that research for standards development does not reproduce ableist, colonial, sexist, heteronormative and systemically racist design of environments.

We welcome your suggestions concerning community-based research principles, guidance, and good practices. We want to learn from organizations in the disability community about how they conduct community-based research

Please share  the links, documents and reports produced by community organizations, using community-based research methods. Let us know if you want to participate in our study.

Kindly email your suggestions to april@ccdonline.ca by February 29, 2024.