Your Help Is Needed!

End Exclusion 2008 will focus on promoting the National Action Plan on Disability and mobilizing the disability community at the local level to make key decision makers aware of our national priorities and proposals. To do this we need your help. There will be no national forum this year.

What Do We Need You To Do?

  1. Ensure your local members are aware of the content of the Action Plan.
  2. Encourage other organizations both within the disability community and allies to endorse the Action Plan through the End Exclusion website:
  3. Meet with your Member of Parliament, Member of Provincial Legislature or Municipal Officials to tell them about the Action Plan.
  4. Report to CCD who you met with and their general response to the Action Plan.

What are the key messages to be delivered?

  • Canadians with disabilities disproportionately live in poverty.
  • Canadians with disabilities lack basic disability related supports to participate in community life.
  • Canadians with disabilities want jobs, access to education, the right to live where they choose.
  • Canadians with disabilities want the same opportunities and responsibilities as non disabled Canadians.
  • Canadians with disabilities have been patient but that patience is wearing thin when we see all levels of government with surpluses and no substantive progress for our community.

Where can you get support?

Together We Can End Exclusion and Build An Inclusive and Accessible Canada