A Doctor's Note for Home Mail Delivery

14 August 2014


For Immediate Release


While it is positive that Canada Post is recognizing the need to accommodate people with disabilities for whom the community mail box will be a barrier, having to get a doctor's note to qualify for the accommodation adds an extra layer of complexity to accessing a community service.


"The requirement to get a doctor's note to avail oneself of a necessary service is something which is all too familiar in the lives of people with disabilities," states Tony Dolan, CCD Chairperson.


Getting a letter from a doctor to qualify for a service means a person with a disability must expend time, energy and money. 


The requirement to have a doctor's note to qualify for services nondisabled people take for granted is becoming another barrier that people with disabilities have to negotiate.


The first step in developing an accommodation is to listen to the person with a disability.  Due to the individualized nature of disability, there is no one size fits all accommodation.  People with disabilities, themselves, not doctors, have the best understanding of how their disability can best be accommodated in a particular context.


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