Waiting to Be Tax Payers

For Immediate Release | September 18, 2008

St. John's Newfoundland—"I am glad to be a taxpayer," says Marie White, Chairperson of the Council of Canadians with Disabilities, a national human rights organization that uses a disability lens when analyzing public policy issues. "I know what it is like not being able to work due to barriers in society and I also know what it is like to be part of the labor market and a tax payer. Having a job, gives many Canadians with disabilities the financial means to develop the lifestyle they want, feelings of personal satisfaction and contribution, a personal network of friends and colleagues, as well as many other benefits unique to the individual."

Due to barriers in Canadian society, many Canadians with disabilities have not successfully made the transition to paid worker and tax payer. Over 56% of working age adults with disabilities are unemployed or out of the workforce. For women with disabilities the rate is almost 60%.

The disability community has created a National Action Plan on Disability, which provides a short and long term strategy, that among other initiatives will get people with disabilities working and paying taxes. "People with disabilities don't want to be sitting on the sidelines of life due to barriers in our community. The National Action Plan on Disability shares some steps on how Canada's Federal, Provincial and Territorial Government can assist Canadians with disabilities exercise their rights and responsibilities."

The Council of Canadians with Disabilities has written to all the Party Leaders and asked them to endorse the National Action Plan on Disability during the Federal Election and implement its agenda if they are elected to office.

"For example, we are challenging each of them to agree to make the Federal Government of Canada a model employer of persons with disabilities," states White.


For more information contact:

  • Marie White, CCD Chairperson - 709-739-8233
  • Claredon Robicheau, CCD Executive Member - 902-769-2474
  • John Rae, CCD Vice Chairperson - 416-941-1547
  • Laurie Beachell, CCD National Coordinator - 204-947-0303 or cel 204-981-6179