Letter to Conservative Party of Canada

September 12, 2008

Rt. Hon. Stephen Harper
Conservative Party of Canada
National Headquarters
Suite 1720
130 Albert Street
Ottawa ON
K1P 5G4

FAX: 613-755-2001

Dear Sir:

In 2007, the Canadian disability community collaborated to develop "From Vision to Action: Building An Inclusive and Accessible Canada—A National Action Plan on Disability 2007". The Council of Canadians with Disabilities (CCD) and many other organizations and individuals have endorsed the Nation Action Plan on Disability. During this Federal Election campaign, CCD is seeking your Party's support for the implementation of the disability community's full National Action Plan on Disability. We recognize that the Liberal Party supports a refundable Disability Tax Credit for low income Canadians; but encourage you to adopt the entire plan. CCD is asking that your Party share with us the specifics of how you will respond to the needs of Canadians with disabilities. We would appreciate receiving this information before October 6, 2008.

No one disputes the fact that Canadians with disabilities remain marginalized, massively unemployed, lacking supports and disproportionately live in poverty. No one disputes the fact that Canadians with disabilities are likely to face discrimination on a daily basis. No one disputes the fact women with disabilities and persons with disabilities from other minority or marginalized groups often face even more daunting challenges. Yet at a national level and in most provinces we still have no clear plan in place to address the substantive inequities faced by Canadians with disabilities. To correct this situation, the Canadian disability community created the National Action Plan on Disability.

As articulated by the disability community a National Action Plan on Disability must address four key issues. They are:

  • New initiatives to increase access to disability-related supports
  • New initiatives to address poverty
  • New initiatives to address unemployment
  • New initiatives to improve access, inclusion and full citizenship

Attached you will find the disability community's complete National Action Plan on Disability. CCD is asking all major political parties to commit to the National Action Plan on Disability and we will be sharing the responses throughout our pan-Canadian network.


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Marie White