MPP Christine Elliott to Address Disabling Poverty/Enabling Citizenship Forum

Christine Elliott will elaborate her vision of how to remove barriers and create a welcoming environment that empowers people with disabilities and their families.

Ms Elliott:

• Is the mother of an adult son who has personal experience of disability.
• Is seeking to be the leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party.
• Is the Whitby-Oshawa MPP & Critic for the Ministry of Health, Long-Term Care and Mental Health Reform.
• Is co-founder and director of the Abilities Centre.
• Was Board president of the Durham Mental Health Service.
• Has worked, along with her late husband, the Hon. James Flaherty, for the inclusion of people with disabilities.

What: Disabling Poverty/Enabling Citizenship Forum with keynote speaker Christine Elliott MPP.
Why: The 5 year research project Disabling Poverty/Enabling Citizenship will present its major findings.
When: 9:30 a.m.  – 12:00 p.m. on 2 December 2014.
Where: Delta Ottawa Hotel City Centre (101 Lyon Street N.).
Who Will Be Speaking: Christine Elliott MPP, Michael J. Prince (Lansdowne Professor of Social Policy at the University of Victoria & Co-principal Investigator of Disabling Poverty/Enabling Citizenship), Yves Vaillancourt, Lucie Dumais, Cam Crawford, Tony Dolan, Marie Ryan.
Who Should Attend: People with disabilities, people concerned about social justice, researchers, human rights practitioners, policy analysts, university students, youth.

For more information contact Laurie Beachell at 204-947-0303 or